Roundup: 10 Super Clever Closet Organizing Tips And Tricks

Boots stored with clothes hangers.

Every now and then I'll run across a closet organizing idea that's just genius - simple, smart and ridiculously obvious. I'm sure you've had these moments, right? I call them the "why didn't I think of that?" ideas. Well here they are, all in one place, for your organizational indulgence.   


Genius closet organizing ideas.

1. Attach crown molding to the wall and hang your heels across, as Martha Stewart has done. [Photo: Martha Stewart

2. Have some spare shower curtain rings lying around? Clip them onto a hanger for a clever scarf hanging technique. [Photo: Laura Wittmann]

Clever hat and jewelry storage.

3. Hats can be tough to store... use metal binder clips and twine to re-create the idea shown above. Head over here for directions. [Photo: Monaluna]

4. An empty glass bottle is the perfect size for bracelets; stack them up and attach to a wooden crate like they've done here. [Photo: The Berry]

Genius closet organizing ideas.

5. Cut and bend a wire hanger into the shape above to store your flip flops. [Photo: Getting Some Fun Out of Life

6. My tank tops were always sliding off their hangers... but not after running across this easy idea! Simply wrap a rubber band around each side for a no-slip solution. [Photo: The Chic Site]

Slide out jewelry storage and a scarf hanging idea.

7. This sliding jewelry storage idea might take some time to make, but it would be worth it! [Photo: Roomzaar]

8. Here's another fun way to hang up your scarves. [Photo: Mexicali Blues Blog]

Double hanger idea and hanging boots.

9. Don't throw out those pull tabs from your soda cans... use them to make double hangers! [Photo: Idea Bottle]

10. Boots tend to take up a lot of floor space in the closet - so why not get them off the ground? Hang them up using clip hangers to free up some real estate at the bottom of your closet. [Photo: Pretty Please]

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Mary W. on Mar 11, 2014:

Number 5: In addition to crediting the photo, it would be nice to credit the tutorial originator, Jen Yates, from Epbot and Cake Wrecks.. The blogger you linked to provided a handy link you can use!

faith-towers on Mar 10, 2014:

Good point Les! Perhaps try padding the clips with cardboard to avoid leaving marks....

Les on Mar 10, 2014:

Beware #10! Doing that can seriously ruin your boots, especially if they are synthetic -- you will get scratches and cracks!

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