Roundup: 11 DIY Ideas for Photobooth Backdrops

Roundup: 11 DIY Ideas for Photobooth Backdrops

Photobooth backdrops are quickly becoming the most important decor element for parties and events, thanks to clever DIYers, coming up with amazing backdrop ideas. They look great in photos but also oftentimes double as bold wall art after the event has come and gone. So, even if you're not planning to throw a party anytime soon, you can still tackle a few of these ideas in your home. Here are eleven  photobooth backdrops ideas that are sure to inspire.    

1. Tackle a giant fringe garland photobooth backdrop

2. Make a bold backdrop with streamers

3. Put together a playful backdrop made of Post-Its

4. Blow up a childhood photo as a birthday photobooth backdrop

5. Use carnival ticket rolls as a colorful backdrop.

6. Hang records (without damaging them) for a retro, music-inspired photobooth.

7. Create a floating confetti photobooth.

8. Use fabric in a bold print, to create something simple but fun. 

9. Get more involved, with an ombre tissue paper photobooth backdrop

10. Setup a balloon garland and come colorful fabric or paper.

11. Or put together a beautiful, floating, herringbone backdrop

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Les on Feb 21, 2014:

Perfect timing! Definitely putting at least one of these to use.

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