How To Safely Store Things In the Attic

Attic Trac plus (TM) - No More Wasted Spaces!


Do you dread
climbing into your attic for Christmas decorations or to find boxes tossed into the attic area just to get them out of sight? Have you ever slipped while standing on the supports in the attic? NEVER AGAIN!

NOW! You can go from messy to ORGANIZED in minutes with
Attic Trac plusTM , the easy to use system that conquers storage clutter forever.

Attic Trac plusTM is a platform and wheel-track system that allows users to stack boxes, often without venturing beyond the storage access areas. Users then glide the platform down the track into the farthest reaches of the space (usually areas that were not safely or easily accessible before). To retrieve stored items, a quick pull on the Attic Trac plus cable gently glides the stored boxes toward you with little or no effort.

Attic Trac plusTM is a solution that can fit any attic, both those with truss and rafter construction, as well as under-house crawl spaces and under-stair storage areas. It's easy to install, and has the quality to withstand the temperature and humidity variances of typical home storage spaces. Attic Trac Plus eliminates the common safety hazards associated with attic storage.
Simple to use! After installing Attic Trac plusTM, just load items on the platforms and with a gentle push, roll them to the back of the attic or crawl space. A gentle tug on the attached cable easily retrieves stored items in seconds. No more dangerous crawling around in the attic or under the house for your clients to get to their stuff!

Now you can organize the attic and eliminate clutter. Attic Trac plusTM can be used in truss construction attics, rafter construction attics, as well as crawl spaces, under stairs, unused basement areas, you name it!

Attic Trac plusTM has just received the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) Organizer's Choice Award for Best Residential Product.

For complete Attic Trac plusTM details and ordering information, visit www.attictrac.com.

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