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How to: Make a Colorful Christmas Light Garland

by on Dec 2, 2013

Lexy Ward

Nothing says holidays like a festive garland. Hung over the mantle, taped to the wall, draped over shelves… they’re a seasonal must. So, grab a bit of colored paper and create this Christmas light garland. Let’s go!

Many A-4 size papers of different colors are lying near a scissor, pen and a thread.Lexy Ward


  • Thick cardstock to make a stencil, such as a file folder
  • colored cardstock
  • silver glitter cardstock
  • pen
  • scissors
  • ribbon
  • hot glue gun (not pictured)
A person is drawing a light shape on the paper and placed the cut pieces of colorful light shape papers.Lexy Ward

1. Using the pen, draw the shape of a light bulb and cut out. Use that shape as a stencil for the rest of your light pieces. Trace and cut out several bulbs in each color.

Person cutting glitter paper with scissor to prepare colorful Christmas light garland.Lexy Ward

2. Cut 1.5″ inch strips from the silver glitter paper. 

Paper Christmas lights lined up in a row.Lexy Ward

3. Line up your lights in the desired pattern… 

Ribbon is swirling around on a white background.Lexy Ward

…and measure your mantle or wherever you will be hanging the garland and trim the ribbon to the desired length.

"Colorful Christmas Light Garland"Lexy Ward

4. Assemble the lights using the hot glue gun. Place a small dollop of hot glue on the top of each bulb piece. Place the ribbon on top of the glue, and then place a silver glitter piece on top of the ribbon. Press firmly until the glue sets. Move over 3 inches and repeat these steps until all the lights are attached to the ribbon.

A paper decoration in the likeness of colorful Christmas lights.Lexy Ward

And that’s it! 

Light bulb shaped paper are made and painted to decorate a room.Lexy Ward

Colorful Christmas light like decorations are handing on the wall.Lexy Ward

Paper lights are decorating a wall behind a wooden table.Lexy Ward

To make this garland even glitzier, you can embellish each bulb with a little glitter glue. The sparklier, the better. Cause that’s what the holidays are all about!

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