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Holiday Gift Guide: 12 Great Handmade Gifts for Men

by on Nov 25, 2016

Different handmade crafts for guys being featured.

We’re kicking the gift giving season off with a roundup of some of our favorite hand-crafted items for guys! In an effort to encourage “shopping small” this holiday season and supporting our fellow makers, each product featured is handmade by independent Etsy shop artisans. Enjoy!       


Different rubs are displayed in cannisters.Gusto’s



Food is spread out on a white tissue on a wooden surface.UrbanCheesecraft



A bowl of popcorn with various other ingredients in small metal bowls.Dell Cove Spices



Amber colored bottles are arranged on the floor in front of, and on top of a wooden slatted crate.Urban Brewery




Two bottles of beard products sit side by side.Simply Great Beard Oil



A dark blue suede lace up shoe sits outside.





A brown leather purse hangs from a tree.VibrantLeathers




A rolled up brown belt with a plain silver buckle.Orion Leather




A grey satchel with brown leather accents and straps.HUORESUP


A brown field note book with a green cover.Just Wanderlust




A light brown leather wallet with a worn look.JooJoobs


A white bow tie with glasses and a top hat image on it sits on top of a shaving cream brush.Aide Body Care



Need more ideas? We’ve got an updated gift guide for men right here!


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