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Eye Candy: 10 Bathrooms That Have Gone To The Dark Side

by on Sep 18, 2013

Traditionally, we’ve always been told NOT to paint small rooms a dark color. “Dark paint closes the room in and makes it smaller than it already is!” Blah, blah, blah. Well, here are ten bathrooms that are getting it right when it comes to dark and dramatic.      

Drawings on a dark bathroom wall.Liz Daly

A lovely dark bath with a gallery wall to add height via Liz Daly Photography 

A white toilet, sink and tub are in a black bathroom.Kristins Jaarda

Dark walls and all white accessories keep things balanced via Emma Reddington of The Marion House Book 

A bathroom with black themed walls and tubs.Melanie Acevedo

Keeping one wall a light color helps reflect some of the gorgeous natural light that flows into this bathroom via Melanie Acevedo 

A black bathroom that also has an orange chair sitting in it.Jean-Marc Wullschleger

If you like funky furniture, this orange chair helps brighten the space via House To Home 

A cluttered bathroom with dark blue walls.Lonny Mag

Dark walls can seem to fall away like in this small but impactful bathroom via Lonny Mag 

A black and white bathroom has a window letting the light in.Rachael Grad

Half black walls and half white tile keep the bathroom feeling chic and intimate in this bathroom spotted on Apartment Therapy

Wooden chair in a bathroom with a distressed mirror and simple sink.Tara Mangini

This bathroom belongs to Tara Mangini & Percy Bright, the couple behind Jersey Ice Cream Company. The pattern can be easily updated by covering the walls in dark chalkboard paint! 

Round mirror above pedestal sink in bathroom with black walls painted with white feathers.Carla Fahden

Cover the walls in a strong wallpaper like this fern wallpaper spotted on Design Sponge!

A bathroom with white sink and toilet, with a horse pic above the toilet.Emily de Stefano

Wooden accents help give this moody bathroom a masculine feel via Design Sponge 

White marble sink with brass fittings near a marble bathtub in a bathroom.Emily Anderson

Mix and match with gold and marble accents for a classic look via Peppermint Bliss 

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