Roundup: Kitchen And Pantry Organization Tips

Roundup: Kitchen And Pantry Organization Tips

In my house, keeping the kitchen organized is a constant battle. But over the years I've learned a few handy tips that help curb the clutter and keep the cupboards in order. Here are ten helpful ideas.   


1. Use the back of every single cupboard door. Take a cue from Julie Blanner and hang shallow items like measuring spoons on adhesive hooks. I also hung a shoe caddy on the back of my pantry door to hold similar items.

2. Label everything. Fill uniform containers with dry goods and label them using these fun free printable labels from World Label.

3. Categorize foods. Follow the advice of the organized folks over at Better Homes and Gardens by dividing foods into categories - for example breakfast foods or snack items - and designate separate canvas bins for each grouping.

4. Use sliding storage. Separate trash and recycling by utilizing slide out bins as they've done over at Better Homes and Gardens. This tip can be helpful in other areas of the kitchen too - a sliding storage rack can be helpful for the cavernous space under the sink.

5. Use vertical space to your advantage. Instead of laying all your cutting boards horizontally on top of each other, store them vertically with tension rods as dividers. This idea (along with many others) was found at In This Crazy Life.

6. Buy a lazy susan. Small containers, such as spices, can get lost in the back of the cabinet... a lazy susan will keep everything organized and at arm's reach. See this and other tips at Belle Maison. 

7. Upcycle old containers for new purposes. Find out how to turn an old disinfecting wipe container into a plastic bag dispenser over at Tater Tots & Jello. She'll even show you how to fold the bags so that removing one bag will pull the next one out just enough.

8. Find a place for those pesky measuring cups and spoons. I don't know about you, but my baking drawer always gets jammed because of a rogue measuring cup... eliminate that problem by giving each one its own dedicated hook. Find this organizational idea and many others at DIY 'n Crafts. 

9. Divide and conquer. Pots and pans are difficult to organize because they are all different shapes and sizes. The best way to combat this issue is by grouping similar-sized pans together on wire racks. And again, don't forget to consider placing them vertically! This and other ideas can be found at The Grey Home.

10. Everything in its place. This is the cardinal rule of organization... create a dedicated spot for each and every item in your kitchen or pantry, and you'll be well on your way to a beautifully organized space just like this one! Love the style of this kitchen? Get the look here.

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faith-towers on Oct 07, 2013:

Glad you were inspired by our post Ella! It's true, a lot of people forget all about the pantry....

Ella on Oct 07, 2013:

Fabulous post!When it comes to cleaning, one thing that is often missed is the pantry. However, a clean and organized pantry help to save time when you are cooking and save money at the grocery store.Thanks for all the sane advice , I would like to incorporate few of things that help me to keep my pantry more orgnaized as shown in the above beautiful images.

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