Before and After: An Outdated Kitchen Gets A Complete Makeover For $10K

Before and After: An Outdated Kitchen Gets A Complete Makeover For $10K

Not everyone can afford to move into their dream home right off the bat. To get things just right, it takes time, money, and a lot of effort (if you plan to DIY!). This kitchen and its pink countertops had to go. Along with those, the cabinets, appliances, shelving, pantry door, and other features got a major facelift. Check out what this kitchen looks like today. You will NOT believe your eyes. Trust me.      


Amazing, isn't it? It's a completely different space! The couple behind DIY home blog Chris Loves Julia, the owners of the home, didn't break the bank by changing everything all at once. They painted the cabinets and walls first, then slowly tackled all of the other projects. The total cost came to just over $10K and one of the owners, Julia, breaks it down below:

paint $100
fridge $1700
double oven $1700
dishwasher $603
range hood $150
beadboard $20
hardware $288
pantry door $120
sink $360
faucet $500
shelving $60
globe pendants $179
reed sconce $335
counters $2700
backsplash $1200

total $10015

That's INCLUDING the appliances, people. It may seem easier to hire out the labor, but if you really want to save money, do-it-yourself! To see more pictures of the entire process, visit Chris Loves Julia!

Kitchen Before & After by [Chris Loves Julia]

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dawn on Oct 07, 2013:

hi love this transformation which i need to do to my old dark kitchen ...how did you prep the cupboards before painting ?any special techniques to get it so perfect !! what type of paint did u use?

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