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Eye Candy: 10 Amazing Houseboats From Around the World

by on Jul 30, 2013


Recently we looked at some beautifully renovated Airstream trailers, so it seemed only logical that we check out a few houseboats too! It turns out houseboats can be found all over the world, and are particularly popular in the Netherlands, Canada, Great Britain and even the United States – there are almost 500 in Seattle alone. Check out my favorites below.   

Pots of flowers on wooden floating deck on a river.

1. This long, narrow floating home sits in an Amsterdam Canal. [Photo: Travel-Friends]

2. This pristine houseboat was renovated in 2006. Read about the process here. [Photo: Benjamin Benschneider

Houseboats floating on bodies of water.

3. A tiny cabin on the island of Vinalhaven in Maine. Loving those giant potted plants! [Photo: Eastern Design Office]

4. More Amsterdam houseboats… now those are some nice roof decks! [Photo: ExPress-O]

5. This modern home was designed by Vandeventer + Carlander Architects in Seattle. Read about the challenges of renovating the houseboat and see more images here. [Photo: Ben Benschneider]

A couple of fancy houseboats from a top head overview.

6. This shingled beauty resides in the Ozarks. [Photo: Via Keenan Evans]

7. Another Amsterdam houseboat. Are we seeing a trend here? Check out photos of the inside here. [Photo: Telegraph]

A two story blue house boat with a boat docked in front. A gelley kitchen with a black stone floor, a quarter circle roof over a glass house.

8. This one looks like a beach house. Well, I guess technically it is! [Photo: Via Sarah Jio]

9. The combination of materials on this Amsterdam houseboat are very appealing. See more photos of the interior here. [Photo: Houseboats]

10. The Wave houseboat was designed using the water as inspiration. Read more about it here. [Photo: Curbly]

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