The Wave Houseboat

Houseboats. *Sigh* All of them make me do that, however, this one made me swoon a bit more than usual. Located on the Willamette River, the residence belongs to the Fennell family. Their floating dream house came to fruition with the help of architect Robert Harvey Oshatz, who took his inspiration from the ocean. Environmental Graffiti describes the structure as such:

"The ceilings are as curved and undulating as the waves; yacht-style wooden decking cover the outside spaces, its use is reiterated across the ceilings, too, and from the outside, the side view of the house looks like a rising wave before the crash. Spatial differentiation is achieved through repetition of curvilinear forms throughout the design, allowing full-view of the spectacular natural light show that occurs and changes with the seasons."

 I think I might need some smelling salts after that.

houseboat back



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