Eye Candy: 11 Amazing Kids' Bedrooms to Get you Inspired

Eye Candy: 11 Amazing Kids' Bedrooms to Get you Inspired

When it comes time to decorate a child's bedroom, parents become infinitly more creative and bold with their design decisions. Have you ever noticed that? Maybe it's not true in every case, but I feel like a kid's room is where it feels okay to just let loose, design-wise, and have a little fun. So this roundup is dedicated to all the amazingly inspired kid's bedrooms. Who knows? It may even inspire some of your decorating decisions in other areas of the house.    

1. A Mini Modern Bedroom with Loads of Personality 

2. A Simplified Space with Room for Playtime 

3. A White Bedroom with a Touch of Color

4. A Stenciled Cloud Room 

5. A Modern Kiddos Bedroom with plenty of Bookshelves

6. A Black and White, Polka Dot meets Stripes Bedroom 

7. Painted Floorboards in a Child's Room 

8. A Woodsy Modern Bedroom

9. A Bedroom / Nursery with Lots of Light 

10. Scallop Painted Walls for a Little Girl's Room 

11. Amazing Wallpaper and Artwork in a Kid's Room 

I'm partial to bedrooms 1, 4, 5, and 11. Which one is your favorite?

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Tkraft Art & Interiors on Jun 12, 2013:

11 - I want that room and I never want to grow up.

Claudia D. on Jun 11, 2013:

I also like #4 and #11 (love that wallpaper).

#3 and #6 remind me of prison cells for children. It's an adult aethestic made into a children's room - I can't think of very many children who would go for such depressing and uncolorful rooms .

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