Five Fantastically Fun & Modern Playgrounds

Five Fantastically Fun & Modern Playgrounds

Playgrounds have become pretty generic over the years. There are so many safety guidelines for children when considering building (safety is important!), that it's hard to step outside the box. Here are five unique playgrounds around the world that have managed to stand the test of time. Their modern and whimsical designs make them some of the most popular playgrounds today!  



1. This egg-like playground was created by European sculptor, Egøn Möller-Nielsen. This large concrete playground is still popular with the kids in Tessin Park in Stockholm. Image via Wikimedia Commons.

2. This amazing playground is known as The Coaster in Höganäs. Built around a marina, this jungle gym replicates a sunken ship on the ocean floor. Read more about it and the designers at Monstrum.

3. One of the coolest playgrounds in Singapore is the Toa Payoh Dragon designed by Khor Ean Ghee. The body of the dragon is made from steel rails that form a tube-like passageway for kids to move from the head to the tail. 

4. If you live in New York City, you may be familiar with the Silver Towers Playground. It was designed by Tom Otterness and reminds me of the tin man from The Wizard of Oz. You can even see how his mind worked behind the scenes of his sculptures! 

5. Featuring a climbing tube and slide, what child or adult wouldn't want to hang out in the Sputnik Play Sculpture at the MOMA

Have you visited any modern jungle gyms? Please share!

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