10 Do-It-Yourself Upcycled Wall Art Projects

10 Do-It-Yourself Upcycled Wall Art Projects

With the DIY movement, comes a slew of creativity. It's amazing to see what people can come up with when using ordinary household items. When decorating your home, you don't want your walls to be too bare. Here are ten inspiring wall art displays using upcycled items from around the house!       

1. Cardboard is very useful and affordable craft medium. Take a look at this cardboard installation by Bon Temps!

2. Rulers aren't just for students anymore. These bent rulers were turned into shapes by Land of Nod!

3. It doesn't get more simple than color-arranged spools of thread. These were spotted in Brett Bara's studio tour via Design Sponge.

4. This fish scale wall art using poster board gives a modern look to any entryway. Full how-to by Two Thirty-Five Designs.

5. These shoeboxes get a makeover with a little paint and are turned into display cases by Creme De La Craft

6. This piece of art is perfect for the constant coffee drinker. Stir stick wall art by Make & Do Girl!

7. Take that fabric you have stocked up and use it as wallpaper! Learn how over at How About Orange. 

8. Have an old painting that you can't seem to throw out? Cover it with a little paint to create this song Lyric Wall Art by A Beautiful Mess

9. If you happen to collect shutters (and doesn't everyone?) than you can create this shutter wall by Olive & Love

10. One more project for the coffee lovers! Use old cans, cover them with some wood veneer, and mount them to the wall! These cubbies were spotted on do stuff! 

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Ben on Apr 18, 2013:

These wall art ideas are really great, i love this stuff many thanks for sharing easy wall art idea..

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