10 Clever New Uses For Washi Tape

10 Clever New Uses For Washi Tape

When the washi craze first started, I went out and bought a lot of washi tape. A LOT. And after I did all those fun projects that were circulating on the Internet, I still had a washi tape surplus. So I decided to find a use for it.   

You may remember these 5 Ways To Decorate With Washi Tape, and today I have a few other clever ideas to share with you....

created at: 04/04/2013

1. Decorate your light switch cover using a few different washi patterns. Check out the tutorial here. [Photo: Clever Thursday

2. Make some colorful twist ties... instructions are available here. [Photo: Corinna Wraps

created at: 04/04/2013

3. Washi tape makes the perfect stemless wine glass name tag! [Photo: Jentertaining]

4. Indoor hopscotch for the little ones (and the young at heart). [Photo: All Washi Tape]

5. Make pretty bandaids using washi... find out how here. [Photo: All My Things]

created at: 04/04/2013

6. Need some art for your walls? Try this technique. [Photo: Kelly Framel]

7. Make a funky cover for your smart phone. Find out how here. [Photo: Craft and Creativity]

created at: 04/04/2013

8. Worried about making a permanent change to your home? Try this little touch on your doors. [Photo: Design Crush]

9. Add small strips of tape to a cord for a custom look. [Photo: Holmberg Everday via Transitoinicial.com

10. DIY drink flags for your straws! You could also use this idea to label cheeses at the appetizer table. [Photo: Snippet and Ink]

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faith-towers on Jun 17, 2013:

@Anonymous washi tape is thinner and more delicate than duct tape, maybe more like masking tape. But it's decorative, with all kinds of fun patterns and colors!

Anonymous on Jun 17, 2013:

Is washi tape kind of like duct tape? What is the difference?

Janice Long on Apr 11, 2013:

Where do you get this tape? What exactly is Washi Tape?

Aidel.K on Apr 04, 2013:

Love edging the door! I'm gonna do that one.

faith-towers on Apr 04, 2013:

Yes definitely, these projects would be a great place to start!

TheDoubleDubs on Etsy on Apr 04, 2013:

Super cute ideas!  I have yet to expirement with washi tape (I know, impossible right?), but a few of these smaller projects would be the way to start.  Thanks for the post!

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