Totally Type Roundup: 9 DIY Typographic Wall Art Projects

Totally Type Roundup: 9 DIY Typographic Wall Art Projects

Maybe it's the artist in me, but I tend to believe that a room is never finished until there is something hanging on the walls. There is just something special about artwork that makes a space feel complete. And since I'm talking about wall art, we might as well discuss typography too. We're big fans of typography here at Curbly and much like wall art, type can make a pretty big statement, whether it's in a book or on your walls. So let's explore the latter. Here's a roundup of awesome typography wall art your bare walls will love.   

1. How to make gradient typographic wall art.

2. How to make a fringey wall monogram

created at: 04/02/2013

3. Make a faux moss word for the wall.

created at: 04/02/2013

4. Celebrate special occasions in type with a pegboard wall piece.

5. Light up the room with a DIY marquee light

6. Or create a different kind of type light with a DIY sign

created at: 04/02/2013

7. Get inspired by Scrabble with this alphabet soup project.

8. Stencil your own set of prints with an inspiring message

9. Make a photo banner with cut out letters from old polaroids.

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