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10 Fun and Fresh Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

by on Mar 22, 2013

Easter is just around the corner and you might be thinking of dyeing some eggs. If you don’t want to stick to the traditional egg decor, here are 10 DIYs you’ll want to try!      

created at: 03/21/2013

created at: 03/21/2013

created at: 03/21/2013

1.  Watercolor eggs are repeated each year. Why not add a unique spin to that classic method? Visit Oh Happy Day for the full how-to. 

2. Pinatas are definitely a popular party item. Add some fun fringe to your Easter eggs this year! Visit A Subtle Revelry for all the instructions.  

3. If you aren’t into the actual decorating, fill some metallic eggs with classic goodies like confetti and macarons! Visit Sugar & Cloth for the inspiration! 

4. Sprinkles are the new confetti! Didn’t you hear? Visit Studio DIY to learn how to cover your eggs in these tiny treats! 

created at: 03/21/2013

5. Woodburning is making a comeback. Purchase some wooden eggs and embellish them any way you like! Visit Crafts Unleashed for the how-to! 

6. Using dye can get a bit messy. Follow Brittni’s instructions and draw designs with a metallic marker! Visit Paper & Stitch to learn how to make your own metallic eggs! 

created at: 03/21/2013

created at: 03/21/2013

7. Calligraphy doesn’t have to be limited to invitations. These unique eggs from Oh Happy Day were made using tattoo paper! Download included

8. With a black sharpie, your egg options are unlimited! Visit Obviously Sweet to learn how to draw all sorts of designs! 

9. Simplicity always makes a statement. Using a black marker, write a poem or phrase on each egg. Visit Alisa Burke for more inspiration! 

created at: 03/21/2013

10. If you can’t make up your mind, wrap those eggs in twine! If that seems too simple, use a little gold-leaf to fancify your Easter eggs. Visit Design Sponge to see how these eggs were created! 

Do you decorate Easter eggs? Do you always stick to one technique? We’d love to hear! 

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