Eye Candy: 10 Clean and Bright Entryways and Home Landing Zones

Eye Candy: 10 Clean and Bright Entryways and Home Landing Zones

Like I mentioned before, we don't really have an entryway that allows for a lot of coat rack/wall hook/shoe storage/seating fuss. That's not to say that I'm not constantly looking for inspiration in other people's spaces! Here are 10 clean and modern entryways and "landing zones" that could be adapted or re-interpreted for just about any home -- take a peek!     

1. Mid-Century meets Scandinavian! Yum.

2. These under-mounted storage boxes would be an easy DIY.

created at: 02/11/2013

3. I love the built-in "landing strip" in this wall-mounted cabinet!

4. A full tutorial for a DIY entryway mirror/shelf? Yes, please!

created at: 02/11/2013

5. Again, clever use of wall space with wall-mounted cabinets. The addition of the mirror is a great idea, too!

6. Rustic charm at its finest! The bench looks like a pretty easy DIY, as well: a slab of wood on two sets of chair legs.

created at: 02/11/2013

7. Quirky, modern, industrial, and a tiny bit rustic - this entryway pulls all those styles together rather nicely, don't you think?

8. I love, love, love the look of this designer coat stand/catch-all. It wouldn't be too difficult to create something similar for a small entryway.

created at: 02/11/2013

9. This landing zone had me at "plastic goose lamp".

10. If I had more space, I'd do something like this! For now, a small (or, you know, super tiny) bench and some decorative hooks might be the answer.

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DesigningMom on Feb 12, 2013:

It's nice to see some natural woods in the furnishings. Very nice.

Anonymous on Feb 12, 2013:

Love the entryway! Very inspirational!

Katie B. of HousewifeHowTos.com on Feb 11, 2013:

These are all quite lovely, but what about entry ways for those of us in the wall- to-wall carpeted wastelands of suburbia?

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