Finding Interior Design Inspiration in...Business Cards? Yep.

Finding Interior Design Inspiration in...Business Cards?  Yep.

It's been over a week now since I returned from Alt Summit, and I am still processing everything believe it or not. It was seriously non-stop, but I loved every minute of it. There were mini parties, lounges, tweet-ups, late night lobby conversations, and (of course) a whole lot of business cards. 

For those that don't know, bloggers go all out at Alt with their biz cards. It's pretty great. So, as I arrived back home with a giant stack of cards and started going through them, it got me thinking. I'm decorating my apartment at the moment, so why not interpret a few of my favorite business cards from Alt as interior inspiration, so that's exactly what I did.   

created at: 02/06/2013

I snapped a few photos of my favorite business cards and downloaded them to my HP ENVY 23 TouchSmart AiO. I am addicted to having a touchscreen by the way, if that wasn't clear from this postAfter going through the photos and referencing the physical stack of cards once more, I searched the web for interiors that matched design elements from the business cards I collected. 

The first couple of photos I took had a bunch of cards in it, and there were a couple of stand-outs with pops of yellow. It totally reminded me of one of my favorite interior photos from a studio tour on Brooklyn Bride (from image at top of post - yellow fireplace).

created at: 02/05/2013

Then there were these amazing honeycomb business card from Kelly Lanza of Studio DIY. Which I happen to think would fit in perfectly in this light and area nook from Mokkasin. There are already so many honeycomb balls hanging there, I'm sure they would welcome another one, right?

created at: 02/05/2013

And this letterpress business card and golden animal candle holder from Jenny Batt of Hank & Hunt remind me of a very stylish living room I spotted on Oh Joy way back when.

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chris berry on Feb 14, 2013:

Beautiful pictures! I really like the look of your business cards :)

Vida on Feb 11, 2013:

Very cool! What a unique perspective. I love your blog!

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