Before and After: Bedside Table Makeover

Before and After: Bedside Table Makeover

A $10 thrift store side table gets a pop-inspired makeover with some brightly colored paint and a few smartly placed wall decals.   

Caitlin Topham from Salty Oat shares her before and after project on the Spoonflower blog, using a can of spray paint and (of course) Spoonflower wall decals. 

created at: 01/30/2013

You can find the full tutorial and more photos on Spoonflower.

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Thoralf on Jan 24, 2014:

To be honest: I don't like to paint furniture made of massive wood. I would clean-off all old paint and put some varnish on!

kat riera on Feb 04, 2013:

I shouldn't have commented because I JUST scored a cute similar table and I'm going to paint it for my guest room! :) 

Anonymous on Feb 03, 2013:

Mark give it a rough sand and use primer

kat riera on Feb 02, 2013:

I NEVER see cute tables that cheap and when I do they're hideous.

Beth on Feb 01, 2013:

Nice facelift! It's not my asthetic but it's still cool

Mark Neyton on Feb 01, 2013:

This projects looks great, and you have chosen really strange but beautiful colors for this makeover. Did you polish the table before actually painting it? I've done a similar makeover at home but the paint fall off pretty quickly and I think that I had to polish it before painting. 

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