Make It: Stylish DIY Striped Curtain Panels

Make It: Stylish DIY Striped Curtain Panels

Inspired by some $100 curtain panels she spotted from Crate & Barrel (that's 100 bucks each, people), blogger Beckie Farrant did what we love most here at Curbly: she made some herself (for cheap!) and created a tutorial for like-minded DIY decor devotee.     

Armed with some painter's tape, plain white curtain panels (check Target or IKEA for inexpensive options), paint in your color of choice, and a bit of patience, a set of bold, striped curtains can be yours for a fraction of the cost. Check out how Beckie pulled it off (and kept her lines crisp and clean) over on her blog Infarrantly Creative!

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Trisha on Dec 26, 2013:

I love the curtains!  But I must know...what is the paint color on these walls??  Thanks! :)

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