How To: Make Custom DIY Pet Pillows

How To: Make Custom DIY Pet Pillows

I realize that making a pillow with your pet's photo on it might sound a little crazy, but I can assure you that this project is one part quirky and two parts awesome. Check it out.   

Kim and Scott from Yellow Brick Home, which is quickly becoming one of my favorite blogs, started with a few pictures of their cat and adorable dog. After a trip to their local printer and the sewing skills of a good friend, they ended up with custom pillows that look just like their furry friends.

For the full tutorial and loads of cute pet photos, visit Yellow Brick Home.


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how2home on Aug 30, 2012:

this is amazing! thanks for sharing the link with us, i defnintely want to make one of these for our pup! We just made a cute diy pet silhouette for under $2 (how2home.wordpress.com/2012/08/22/how-to-d-i-y-pet-silhouette/) Hope you'll love this as much as we do!

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