7 DIY Kitchen Organization Ideas

7 DIY Kitchen Organization Ideas

The kitchen can be a messy place, especially when you are cooking. So any ideas for keeping one of the most used rooms in the house organized are worth taking a look at. Right? Here are seven ideas for keeping your kitchen organized and clutter-free.   

created at: 08/21/2012

1. Use a pegboard above the stove for easy access to pots and pans.

2. Try tension rods inside cabinets to organize baking sheets.

wine rack diy

3. Organize bottles with this wood plank wine rack diy.

kitchen island idea

4. Make a rolling kitchen cart from an old filing cabinet.

organize inside cabinets

5. Store cutting boards in your cabinets with a magazine rack.

created at: 08/21/2012

6. Cabinets full? Try this DIY under-cabinet mason jar storage idea.

chalkboard knife block

7. Jot down recipes on a DIY chalkboard knife block.


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dayan on Jul 15, 2013:

I like the peg board idea, but how do I keep the pots from greesing up?

Comet on Sep 21, 2012:

Julia Childs pegboard---more like an entire WALL of pegboard!--has been donated to a Museum and I am sure if you used Mr Google you can find out where and get a peek.  LOVE the file cabinet idea!  Similar to how we "tricked out" a small wheel around tool cabinet in our garage--added a flat top with a piece of old melamine covered shelving and added paper towel and magnetic tool holders on the sides.  Now we just gather the tools we need and wheel to where we have to work  And the cabinet--a Sears Craftsman oldie---cost a whopping $1 at a yard sale. 

Brittni Mehlhoff on Aug 29, 2012:

I love the pegboard idea Aidel. It's definitely one of my favorites. I didn't know Julia Child had one!?

how2home on Aug 28, 2012:

These are such great ideas! Thanks for sharing with us! The wine rack is my fave.

Aidel.K on Aug 27, 2012:

I haven't tried a pegboard in my kitchen yet, but Julia Child did. I thought she was brilliant to trace the outlines of her utensils right onto the pegboard. That way, when she was using many items at once, it was easy to put them away again.

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