Roundup: 10 DIY Spice Racks, Pot Racks and Pantry Hacks

Roundup: 10 DIY Spice Racks, Pot Racks and Pantry Hacks

From spice racks to pot racks to pantry hacks, we cover them all in this roundup. Some cost nothing whereas other might set you back a few hundred. So...there's something for everyone. Now read on, be inspired and get organized!  

Eric used reclaimed lumber to make this very handy elevated spice rack that would be perfect for tucking inside a cabinet or pantry. 

We've all seen the spice racks made out of little metal canisters and magnets, right? Well, here's a new way to use those same canisters sans the magnets. For this project you'll need to get your hands on a printer's type case. Or maybe one of those shallow shadowboxes that were all the rage during the 'country' decor period of the 90's? 

(Okay, this nest one isn't a spice rack, but it IS a way to store spices.) As we all know, spices are expensive. So why not share them? Get your foodie friends together, pool your money, buy some spices and then split them up? But what to put them in after you take them out of those big bottles? Why, Tic Tac containers of course

Check out this generously large spice rackthat Robin whipped up and install inside her pantry closet.

Speaking of our next topic, how about using one of those door shoe holder deals to hold all that little stuff that seems to get lost inside pantries?
organize pantry

Flashback to the reclaimed wood spice rack. Here's the same idea for cans only using 2 x 4's. In this case, however, there's no woodworking required; unless you count cutting the boards to length and stacking them like steps as woodworking. 
Using one 2 x 4:
pantry shelf organizer
Using 2 - 2 x 4's:
pantry shelf organizer
Now on to the pot racks! We'll start with this industrial one from HGTV. I like how the grate can be used as a shelf as well.
This ladder-like installation comes to us from DIY Network:
Oh, yes, ladders. Repurposing an old wooden one would work just fine too.
created at: 08/16/2012
And, finally, Tom Silva from This Old House fame, shows us how to construct a pot rack out of copper pipe
Finished Pot Rack

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MJ on Aug 20, 2012:

I'm all about DIY and finding ways to save money to organize.  But sometimes things like these are worth the investment.  Last Christmas I got a set of the SpiceCare by TableFare for the husband:


He LOVES them.  I may actual pick up another set, as we have so many spices.

Jennifer on Aug 20, 2012:

The pot rack from HGTV looks like it could also be easily done with an old wire CD storage rack.

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