8 Outdoor DIY Projects for Summer

8 Outdoor DIY Projects for Summer

Break out your gardening gloves, sewing kit, and maybe even a drill or two! It's time to soak up the sun with these outdoor DIY projects for summer. Oh, and, you might want to make yourself a cold drink too. It's hot out there!   Here are 8 outdoor summer projects you should try this  season.

created at: 07/18/2012

1. Roll-Up Picnic Blanket DIY

gardening 101

2. Gardening 101

diy summer stools (outdoors)

3. Do-It-Yourself Folding Stools

created at: 07/18/2012

4. How to Make an Outdoor Shower

5. How to Make a Recycled Planter Box

sand box diy

6. How to Make a Backyard Sandbox

newspaper pots for the garden diy

7. Create Newspaper Pots for Gardening

diy bench

8. Create an Upcycled Bench Seat

Which of these outdoor projects will you try this summer?

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Barb on Aug 03, 2012:

Luv the bench idea and the colours. Better than the basic colour brown or brown. :-)

Corrine on Aug 02, 2012:

Great and Creative Ideas for Summer Days! I would like to try making an outdoor shower. Since it is a very interesting project, I find it unique because not everyone is open with the thought of taking a bath outside. I think its also best to do it with friends and let everyone shower in the middle of the summer heat while flaunting their sexy bodies!

Nana on Jul 25, 2012:

brittnimehlhoff: Tarp might work. I would put long lengths of PVC pipe at 2 ends in a bent upside down U shape - attach the tarp and when the sand box is in use the tarp can be raised to the top of the U to provide shade.

I built my grandson a combination sandbox, fort, climbing wall and rope swing. I used plywood to make a cover for the sand box and when the cover was lifted & locked in place it formed 2 walls of the fort. It was quite a large and complex project but I loooove working with wood.

Good luck.

Brittni Mehlhoff on Jul 25, 2012:

Thanks for the tip Nana. I imagine using a tarp and some tent stakes when not in use would work to keep cats away. What do you think?

Nana on Jul 23, 2012:

A sand box should always have a cover or lid to keep the local cats from using it as a giant litter box. Your childs health is worth it.

mom2347 on Jul 23, 2012:

cool bench!  AND I have the 2 chair frames just awaiting a project.  AND several pieces of wood already painted for a project that will probably never happen!  Just need a few more pieces of wood and I'm good.  I smell another project! 

DesigningMom on Jul 20, 2012:

Ha! I remember that style of home made sand box.

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