Eye Candy: Scrap Wood Walls

Eye Candy: Scrap Wood Walls

Scrap wood in a heap doesn't look so hot. Scrap wood installed on a wall, however, can look anywhere from eclectic to posh. Such walls seem to work in any room in the house and even outside the house. In this eye candy roundup, I've tried to find some of the best examples of trend. 

For our first entry, we have a scrap wood wall in a kitchen made of salvaged douglas fir, angel's heart, mahogany and black walnut. 

Garrison Hullinger et al. were responsible for this colorful bedroom wall:
Garrison Hullinger Interior Design

Orientation doesn't have to be consistent, as evidenced by this dining room wall.

This bedroom wall consists of 2 x 4's ripped to 1/4 to 1" thicknesses. They were then--get this--attached to the wall with hot glue.
Scrap wood wall

If you don't have enough scrap wood for an entire wall, a headboard will do just fine.

Check out the wall on the left in this next image. It appears to be end cuts.

Does MDF count as wood? If so, check out Jason's bathroom wall.


And, finally, how about a scrap wood exterior wall? This one belongs to Central de Arquitectura in Mexico City. 

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Laurenne on Oct 17, 2012:

This is a really really wonderful idea! I'm currently renovating my house and I'd like to have a traditional yet modern feel to it. Hopefully I can get to talk to couvreur nevers and have them do this to the master's bedroom. I'd love to have this in my house - especially that one by Garrison Hullinger. I can't wait!


Garrison Hullinger on Jul 23, 2012:

Thanks so much for including us in your post...we used many different found objects and scrap materials for the beach house project...you can see some more details in this post: http://www.houzz.com/ideabooks/741095

DesigningMom on Jul 20, 2012:

I think we have a spammer.

Kath on Jul 20, 2012:

I am impress and you are very resourceful. I love the kitchen walls an it doesn't look from scrap woods, I wanted to have this at home too.. I am just waiting the services from couverture nevers to repair my house.

sb on Jul 17, 2012:

I love the Garrison Hullinger picture.  That is such a great way to do a wood accent wall that ties all of the colors of the room together.  I just discovered Milk Paint last night, so I'm currently thinking about which colors to use to bring together our whole bedroom.  Thank you, DIY  Maven.  Perfect timing!!!

DesigningMom on Jul 17, 2012:

I think I'm in love with the glued on walnut colored wall in the bedroom. Ofcourse I'm imagining it done in real walnut!

tali.orad on Jul 17, 2012:

I love the concept. I particularly like the bedroom walls.

I think it adds character and warmth to a room. However people needs to be careful when having it in a small room as it can be overwhelming.

Tali Design



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