Make: CHEAP Mod Wall Treatment

Make: CHEAP Mod Wall Treatment

Jason Hammond of local 'From the Ground Up' fame, replicated the above wall treatment in his family's first floor bathroom for--get this--6 bucks. The original is actually CLIF™ wall panels from Modular Arts


To achieve this feat, Jason used scrap pieces of MDF in both 1/2" and 3/4" thicknesses. Once the MDF was applied, he filled the cracks and nail holes with paintable caulk and then covered the entire wall with a bright white paint. 

Read more about this project at the StarTrib.

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Ed on Feb 05, 2019:

Very cool. I will try this. Except in Dallas I know I will have to spend more than $6 on the caulk. Still a really good answer to a rough wall. Thanks Ed
Quick follow-up.... I pulled out a bunch of scrap birch wood sheets that a Dallas manufacturer of cabinets gave me and they turned out great. It cost me about $40 but I did a Master Bath wall and 2 separate vanity areas.
Thanks...KEEP the ideas coming. Ed

Shane on Apr 13, 2015:

Does information exist for the board dimensions that this gentlemen cut to achieve that pattern? 

blondcee on Apr 15, 2011:

I love this. 

DesigningMom on Apr 14, 2011:

It's an awesome idea and looks great.  Even if you needed to purchase all  the materials, it certainly would be a lot of bang for you buck.

elseajane on Apr 14, 2011:

Pretty awsome and clever! The perfect MCM wall treatment. EJ

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