Roundup: 7 Sweet Treats to Keep you Cool this Summer

by on Jun 22, 2012

popsicle recipe

Summer is officially here! And I am already thinking about ways to cool off when the temperatures start to rise. Are you? 
Get in the kitchen and clear out the freezer because it’s time to add some sugar to your cool down. Here are my top seven picks for cool summer sweets.
1. Pina Colada Popsicles
created at: 06/21/2012
2. Orange Push-Up Smoothie
summer berry ice cream
3. Summer Berry Ice Cream
wine pops
4. Red Wine Fudgesicles
watermelon lime sorbet
5. Watermelon Lime Sorbet
ice cream sandwich recipe
6. Ice Cream Sandwich
created at: 06/21/2012
7. Campari-Citrus Sorbet

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