Roundup: 7 Creative Upcycled Planter Ideas

Roundup: 7 Creative Upcycled Planter Ideas

One thing I learned while researching this blog post? You can make a planter out of anything. Seriously, anything. I left the toilets out (you're welcome), but take a peek at seven other charming ways to give your green thumb a workout.

wine bottle planters

After you host a few get-togethers on your lovely front porch, you may have a few empty soldiers with which to craft these pretty hanging wine bottle planters

colander planter

Not much of a cook? Turn your dusty kitchen colander into a hanging planter with a little chain. Best part? The drainage holes are built in! 

Croc Planter

Do you have a partner who wears Crocs? Make them disappear by putting them to work in the yard. (The shoes, I mean.) I think Crocs are much cuter on a tree, don't you? From Green Upgrader

Paver Planter boxes

Kelly built these modern concrete planters with paver stones and landscape-block adhesive. I love how simple and clean they are. I think her method would also work with older, worn pavers for a different look. 

Cinderblock Planter Wall

Annette at Potted buit this amazing cinderblock succulent garden wall with liquid nails and a really sweet doggie. She says you can also paint the blocks if you want a brighter look. 

created at: 04/16/2012

Giant tires mounted to the side of a house ordinarily would not strike me as something I would like, but these are downright adorable! Like the cinderblock wall, I think these tire planters could be cute painted, too.

dinosaur planters

How fierce are these dinosaur planters? They are made out of rubber toys! And, if the T. Rex isn't your thing, there are a host of other species to choose from and a safari collection, too!

Have you come up with your own creative idea for a planter? Share it with everyone in the comments!


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sheila.james.50 on May 20, 2012:

Can someone please give step by step directions on how to make the wine bottle planters please? These are really appealing to me. Thanks!

Anonymous on May 11, 2012:

i love the tires just the way they are, i am using them on my building which is painted white with black trim and the black frame of the plain tire around my colorful flowers goes with my building and sets off the bright colors of the flowers :) i also saw a picture of a wall built from tires with flowers planted inside, each tire was painted a diffrent neon color, while this was more bight and noticible i liked the whimsy and the neon paint set off the tread pattern and added another dimension to the idea :)

j on Apr 23, 2012:

OK - most of the ideas are pretty straight forward but need more detail on the hanging wine bottle planters.  Use mesh on the bottom to keep the moss in the bottle?  Hanger?  Fastened how?

Claire Dé on Apr 19, 2012:

Oops!  I forgot to add Damien Lamée's site, where you can see how he sculpts and paints his used tires sculptures, which one can use as planters.  It's: http://www.droldoizo.com/

Claire Dé on Apr 19, 2012:

file://localhost/Users/clairede/Desktop/small_oiseau-3310.jpgTire planter: birdDear Molly, I find, as you do, that the tire planters are a little too "raw".  Here in Montréal, we have an recycling artist, Damien Lemée, who creates wonderful, whimsical tire scuptures, transformed into birds, which can also be used as planters.

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