Eye Candy: 8 Fabulous Front Porches

Eye Candy: 8 Fabulous Front Porches

I have always been a front porch kind of girl. I love watching the world go by, waving to the neighbors and feeling inadequate as joggers run by. Today we look at 8 front porches I would gladly perch on. If any of them are yours, don't be surprised to find me sitting there someday!

updated front porch


This traditional porch from Martha Stewart is nicely updated with black accents, a modern steel table and a graphic rug. The old fashioned lemonade brings a needed vintage touch.


created at: 04/10/2012


This bungalow spied on Houzz has mega curb appeal thanks to the gorgeous A-frame roof and wood beams. And who can resist a rocking chair? 


front porch bench


The curved sides of this built-in front porch bench provide a lovely spot to tie your shoes before a morning run on Cape Cod. The blue porch ceiling supposedly wards off evil spirits. It also mimics the color of the sky. All I know is I like it.


charming front porch


This front porch is quite possibly nicer than my living room. Hanging drapes add some privacy from the neighbors and rattan furniture looks better than ever with some smart spray paint color choices. See the full Before and After, plus some DIY details at Better Homes & Gardens.


Craftsman Front Porch


Spotted on Southern Living, this wide porch is the perfect spot for a front porch swing. This one is hung with ropes instead of chain for a more natural look. The burlap pillows make it even more comfy and potentially nappable.


created at: 04/10/2012


Why not turn your front porch into your dining room? A rustic farm table, bistro chairs and some paper lanterns make this spot a perfect one for entertaining. Not surprising, considering it belongs to NYC restauranteur Keith McNally. See more of this outdoorsy Martha's Vineyard home on Elle Decor.



Eddie Ross Porch


Designer Eddie Ross had the same idea. His charming country house featured in Lonny is fresh and welcoming. I wonder how I get on the guest list?


beach front porch


There's really nothing I can say that can make this porch any more inviting than it already is. It's featured in Coastal Living's 26 Beachy Porches and Patios. I stopped searching after the very first one.


Which one of these suits you best? I'd love to hear in the comments!


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Heather on Mar 23, 2015:

The Martha Stewart draws me in. It looks like my porch. The plants especially excite me! I would have never considered offering the shade loving caladiums as an option!

Linda on Jun 11, 2012:

How can I choose?  I guess designer Eddie Ross porch appeals to me most, because I'd love a house in the country, but I  honestly couldn't keep it that uncluttered, and I'd like a little more color. Keith McNally's front porch dining room is my second choice, love that big table and the paper lanterns!.

mom2347 on Jun 11, 2012:

the front porch with curtains.  I can do that to mine - when I finally get to move back there!  I'll need some railing.  Already have a 5-paddle ceiling fan with lights (purchased at an auction for a few $.  One of the light globes was missing.  I called the company - phone number or name was on a sticker - and they sent a free globe!  I've used this to get replacement parts since.  Works great, for the most part.)  Found a 10' piece of pvc pipe in a junk pile (no kidding!) 2 more will complete the 'walls', once I find some curtains - just add tabs if needed.  the furniture - reclaim something from the side of the road!  I have one chair already.  Might make a sofa from - something - and use an extra memory foam mattress topper for the cushions.  That would be nice and soft!

Okay, Lord.  I have this plan & Curbly always has such cool ideas... when can we move back??  ;-)

Taylor on Apr 16, 2012:

I'll take the beachfront property with or without the porch. Love Keigh McNally idea.

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