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Make It: Family-Friendly DIY Valentines Mailboxes (Two Ways)!

by on Jan 23, 2012

As a kid, Valentine’s Day was one of my favorite holidays (candy–duh!).  We’d make glitter and puff paint-covered Valentine holders in school from paper plates folded in half (classy), which would inevitably reach “maximum candy capacity” and burst open halfway through my walk home from school.  Sad times.  But this isn’t a sad post!  We’re talking about Valentine’s Day mailboxes, people!  That’s some happy stuff.   

Imagine my retroactive/future/past/possible surprise if one of these mailbox Valentine holders had been waiting for me upon my return.  SO EXCITING.  Now, imagine that excitement transcribed onto the faces of your real children (or your dog, in my case…which is totally normal).  PRICELESS.

created at: 01/23/2012

Lisa from Over the Big Moon and Emily from The Anderson Crew both created Valentine’s mailboxes for their own (real) children, sourcing the mailboxes from Target’s dollar bin.  Whether you mount them to painted thrift store candlesticks or a matching wooden board is up to you.  I love the idea of including some sort of surprise or treat in the mailbox each day leading up to Valentine’s Day–it could even be the start of a brand new tradition!

Check out the tutorials over on Over the Big Moon (board-mounted mailboxes) and The Anderson Crew (candlestick mailboxes)!

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