Organize Your Space: DIY Craft Table

Organize Your Space: DIY Craft Table

One of my main challenges as a creative person (I like to think of myself as such!) is the mess that comes along with it.  It seems to me like a good solution to the constant moving of project piles would be a good storage solution, like this DIY desk.  

Made with simple shelves and hollow core doors, this project is pretty inexpensive.  In fact, when I first saw the desk I thought the top was made of table tops from Ikea (like the one I'm currently using), which would be even cheaper than doors. I have seen several variations on this desk using different materials for the table tops, or different types of shelving below.

created at: 01/10/2012

The shelves provide the perfect space for buckets, jars, and containers of all kinds for holding all that miscellaneous stuff that floats around work spaces. 

Now all I need is more square footage so I could actually get to the stuff stored on the shelves...

You can see how this table was made at The Ivy Cottage Blog.

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Trudi on Mar 23, 2015:

Great table however the link says the blog has been removed.  Please check that these are still current before you post ideas from three years ago.

Lindsay on Mar 18, 2015:

Love it! How big is the room? I have a 11 x 13 room I'm trying to make work. I need more storage cabinets but I have so much art stuff I don't think the room is big enough. Yours looks pretty big.

Stephanie on Jul 11, 2014:

I made this table in my craft area and love it! Everyone that sees it wants me to make them one! Great idea for table and storage!

Suzanne on Feb 08, 2012:

This is an excellent idea, ultra space saving and it looks really organised too! I think the built in shelving and table idea would look great in a DIY workshop too to store all your tools.

DesigningMom on Jan 17, 2012:

Whenever I see one of these set ups it makes me want one, but I'd have to remove the sofa from my "studio" to have room for it. Maybe I'll just do this in my storage/cutting room instead.

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