Genius and Easy Chair Seat Idea

Seatless Chair

Do you have a 'seatless' chair like the one pictured above stashed in your basement or garage just waiting to be 'done?' Your first thought for making a new seat was probably a hunk of upholstered plywood, right? Before you get out the saw, look at this:    
Martha's team used 2 inch cotton (or nylon) webbing cut into strips and then woven across the seat and secured with a staple gun. A rubber mallet and upholstery nail heads hide the obvious. Genius and easy! For the entire tutorial, head on over to Martha's place

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Anonymous on Jan 01, 2014:

Hi, could you tell me where î can purchase one of these stud guns? Thanks

Anonymous on Jun 19, 2013:

I have a few metal framed chair that need new seats.  They originally had a woven wicker or reed seats but they have broken over time.  Your idea looks like it would work great.  But what would be the best way to attach the webbing to a metal frame?  Thanks!  

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