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Roundup: 5 Button Christmas Ornament Projects

by on Nov 16, 2011

A Christmas ornament covered in buttons.

Buttons. So sweet and colorful, they’re just aching to be turned into Christmas ornaments. The one pictured above is from Leslie Ashe. There isn’t a tutorial, but it looks like the maker used a styrofoam ball and white ball head stick pins. I particularly like the layering of the buttons. 

These next ones are perfect for a table top tree.    


DIY Christmas tree using colorful buttons.

This snowflake ornament is made with using a wire coat hanger.

A star shaped ornament made by joining buttons.

This button wreath is a Martha creation:

A necklace made of green discs and a bow.

 And, finally, Penelope was inspired by Martha’s wreath to make this little button tree.

This one is mine

If you’re interested in more DIY ornament ideas, check out our roundup:

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There is a collage of eight different do-it-yourself- ornament projects.

Looking for more seasonal DIY projects and ideas?Several pieces of pink fruit with white dust on them.

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