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Decor 101: Why White Walls are Not Boring!

by on Nov 8, 2011

No sir, I don’t think white walls are boring… they are merely just a canvas for something awesome!

I am a big fan of stark white walls filled with colorful collages of artwork.  I appreciate it in my own home as well as others.  For me they evoke the feeling of a light and airy space and I love pops of color scattered throughout. Today I was crafting with a friend who has a fab little bungalow in the Venice Canals part of LA and she also loves her bright white walls… And her place still has lots of personality from the interesting and colorful artwork and accessories throughout.

created at: 11/08/2011

Below is a cute vignette of funky bits of artwork and vintage jetsons figures…quirky and interesting and totally her! And why take away from that beautiful bit of nature peaking through the doors and windows?

created at: 11/07/2011

and her collection of brightly colored vintage dishes add just the right pop to an otherwise white kitchen!

created at: 11/08/2011

I don’t think something needs to be a traditional painting or print in order to be considered “art.”   As an unpaid intern I am all about what is interesting, fabulous, and not so expensive.

So, back at my place, I created a few collage walls in my living room. One displays a collage of colorful vintage album covers. They cost me under a dollar each (purchased at yard sales and thrift stores) and I housed them in inexpensive frames I bought on (Top photo)

On another wall I have mismatched frames holding random pieces I have collected in my travels, vintage postcards, vintage sheet music with really great cover illustrations, family photos, and even some free postcards sent to me from local art galleries advertising a show of an artist  I love…

created at: 11/08/2011

So, if you once thought the idea of stark white walls being boring, perhaps you may want to rethink that notion and be open to the fact that they actually can really inspire your imagination if you let them!

Until we meet again tomorrow…..

Holly Westhoff is the founder of adventures of an almost 40 year old intern where she chronicles her experience of starting over from exec to intern and also share lots of intern budget-friendly projects. (She works for free).

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