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Articles by al40yearoldintern

i'm a former marketing exec turned interior design intern. when i was laid off from my job it was kind of like being dumped by the guy i wasn't really into. you all know what i mean... a blow to the ego but best for me in the long run. so, since i realized i wasn't happy doing what i had being doing for the last decade-plus i decided to take the time to find myself and figure out what my passion really was.  i took lots of classes (from graphic design to weaving) trying to get in touch with my creative side and hoping to be inspired! when i redecorated a friends office i realized that i was so much happier doing that than i had been in a very long time. so, i decided to check my ego at the door and become an intern for an amazing l.a. based interior designer that i have always admired in order to soak up as much knowledge as possible and also take some technical design classes at a local university.  it has been an amazing experience so far and i can't wait to see what the future holds! i have a blog called adventures of an almost 40 year old intern where i chronicle my experience of starting over from exec to intern and also share lots of intern budget friendly (i work for free) diy projects. i don't think you need to spend a ton of money to have an amazing space and i am determined to prove it! i have been lucky enough to have some of those projects featured on curbly and other design blogs i love to read!  and mr. nate berkus recently had me as a guest on his show to demo a couple of them which was pretty awesome! oh and, i need to fess up, i am not almost 40 anymore. i was 39 when i started my blog but just recently hit the big 40. but in the blogosphere i will continue to live as the almost 40 year old intern so folks can still find me.