Roundup: 10 Temporary Changes to an Unchangeable Kitchen Backsplash

You move into a rental and everything about the house is what you need, except that kitchen backsplash. It's unchangeable and you have to look at it every day. Here are some things you can do to make that undesirable backsplash a little more bareable or maybe even loved. 

 1. The above kitchen backsplash are actually tile decals. Yes, you read that right...vinyl decals you can place over ugly tiles. Gamechanger right?  Check out all the amazing options over at Snazzy Decal on Etsy. 

Rental Kitchen Backsplash Updates
Source: The Kitchn

2. Layer your counters with pretty containers, cutting boards, and appliances that you will use.


3. Cover the undesirable backsplash with picture frames. Instead of looking at what you don't like, use command strips to install similar colored frames with your favorite pictures.

4. Cut pieces of scrap wood to fit around your cabinets and countertops then paint it. This can easily be removed when it is time to go. Check out the full tutorial over on Door Sixteen...genius!

Rental Kitchen Backsplash Updates
source: DIY Network

5. Cover the backsplash with pegboard. It is usable and pretty. Even if you can't cover the entire backsplash like the above picture, frame pieces of pegboard and lean them up against the backsplash.

6. Use Ikea's Spontan Magnetic board to create a usable stainless steel look. Don't have an ikea near you? What about an oil pan you can get at your local auto store? 

Rental Kitchen Backsplash Updates
Source: House Beautiful

7. Cover your non-tiled backsplash with contact paper or temporary wall paper.

Rental Kitchen Backsplash Updates
Source: SFgirlbybay

8. Use your cookbook collection to cover what you don't want to see.

Rental Kitchen Backsplash Updates
Source: Design Sponge

9. Adhere fabric to the back of plexiglass and temporary attach to your existing backsplash. If you don't want to make lots of cuts to a large piece, you can use large frames to frame fabric, or make frames like these. This is actually a wipeable option!


Rental Kitchen Backsplash Updates
Source: Design Sponge

10. For the nice backsplash that is just simply not your style...use styling tricks to embrace it. Choosing paint colors and styling can help. For example, the wall paint color matches the grout and allows the backsplash to look purposeful. The tile is new but a more vintage look so it is styled with more vintage pieces. Also, instead of pairing bright with bright, more toned down items were used, but yet there are still pops of jewel tone color to compliment the cobalt blue.

Rental Kitchen Backsplash Updates
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Rental kitchens don't have to be so bad so get out there and change the unchangeable.

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