Make It: Paint Chip Easter Egg Garland

Make It: Paint Chip Easter Egg Garland

It's no secret, we love clever uses of paint chips here at Curbly, so this Easter-themed DIY project is like catnip for us.  Add the fact that the cost is practically zero... I mean, it's a no-brainer!  

created at: 04/04/2011

This brilliantly clever and easy project come from Modern Parents, Messy Kids, a blog dedicated to providing ideas and inspiration for "raising active and engaged kids".  Using nothing but paint chips and string, you can quickly create a cute, mod Easter egg garland too!


  • paint chips in whatever colors your heart desires
  • string
  • scissors
  • mini hole punch (optional)

This particular project uses Behr paint chips (from Home Depot) because they're wide and have four colors per card, but you can use whatever paint chips you have.  The first thing you'll do after you gather your supplies is create an egg-shaped template to trace on the back of all of your chips.  After you've traced and cut out all your eggs, punch two holes along the top and then thread the string through.  Choose a spot to hang your garland and voila!  You're done.

For more pics and addtional tips and instructions, check out Modern Parents, Messy Kids.

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susan on Mar 30, 2012:

this is cool- possibilities endless.tags,butterfilies, you could contact paper the back to be plain or decorated 

CapreeK on Aug 16, 2011:

Andrea over on Hand Make My Day has a pretty great little post about whether using paint chips for crafting purposes is "stealing".  She even contacted Behr directly and asked.  Their answer in short?  No.

bruno on Aug 16, 2011:

@Anonymous - you're kidding, right? Paint swatch samples are given away for free at every home improvement store. They want you to take them.

Anonymous on Aug 16, 2011:

Um, yea.  Advocate stealing from your home improvement store.  Great idea.

DesigningMom on Apr 06, 2011:

Most definitely.

CapreeK on Apr 06, 2011:

Yes, Christmas ornaments, too!  The possibilities are endless, really! :)

DesigningMom on Apr 06, 2011:

Oh yes, for Christmas ornaments!

CapreeK on Apr 06, 2011:

DM - I bet you're right!  Even a large circular hole punch would work for a non-Easter garland!

DesigningMom on Apr 06, 2011:

What a cute Idea! I bet you can find a large paper punch egg to make this even easier to make.

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