Bathroom Cleaning Check List and Cheat Sheet

Bathroom Cleaning Check List and Cheat Sheet

It's Spring Cleaning and Home Organization month on Curbly, and we're doing our best to make things manageable and easy so you can whip through the process and enjoy your clean home!

Last week, we shared a quick and easy kitchen cleaning cheat sheet and checklist, and we got great responses from our readers. So, this week, we're back with that other tough to keep up space: the bathroom.  

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Cool? Cool.


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Melanie on Sep 12, 2014:

The print is small, I can't read it. Could it be done in a larger font? It won't let me zoom from my phone.

Chrissie on Jun 04, 2014:

Great cheat sheets.

Anonymous on Jul 26, 2013:

Please send info re downloading sheets - thanks

Emma on Jun 12, 2013:

Looking forward to receiving the emails!

Amy fisher on May 16, 2012:

Would love to get this info

Chris Gardner on Dec 28, 2011:

Hi Laurie -

Send us an email at tips @ curbly.com, and we'll happily reply with the links. 



Laurie Ducharme on Dec 28, 2011:

dear curlby,

i am already on your newsletter list, but lost these emails with the spring cleaning tips and cheatsheets.  Could you please resend them to my email, as I am unable to get on Facebook with my present computer.  Thank you so very much!  Your grateful and faithful reader, Laurie

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