9 Awesome Closet Makeovers

dirty closet

By their nature, closets are conducive to disorganization. Think about it, they're dark little rooms that we can close off from view. If yours aren't messy, there just might be something wrong with you...or you're Martha Stewart. OR you're one of these folks who got all Curbly on their closets and made them over for the entire world to see. Some underwent the full treatment, others were only tidied to great effect.

The closet pictured above needed some serious help. Thankfully, it found it. Here's what it looks like after, with the help of bi-fold doors, melamine shelving and a tower of cubbies.

organized closet

From This Mom Loves, tidy is terrific.

ugly closet
boring closet

This hall closet from Glue Gun Annie underwent minor surgery, as its 'wobbly' doors were removed, as was the contact paper. A fresh coat of blue paint on the back wall and it's ready for its debut.

remove the doors and paint it blue

Closet Makeover!

Another closet tidy-up, this time in a teenager's room:

Before and after

Heather's son's closet actually won a prize (2nd place) for being messy. Sponsored by Rubbermaid, she was awarded a Rubbermaid®  Configurations/HomeFree Closet System


Here's what it looked like after the system was installed:


Elizabeth's closet makeover included a coat of pink paint. 



This closet didn't suffer so much from disorganization as it did flimsy shelving, which was apparent after its collapse. 

This is bad

Out went the rickety IKEA organizer and in came a ClosetMaid system.

This is better

Kim's closet needed some serious help.

Messy closet

After some inexpensive organizing elements were added, this is what it looks like now:

Stackable drawers in a closet

And finally MY front closet makeover, which I did a few years ago.

Messy Closet

SO much better!! You can read all about the project right here.



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Candace on Mar 15, 2011:

How bout THIS http://candyskitchen.blogspot.com/2011/01/this-is-bar-that-jack-built-yall.html for a closet makeover?!?!?! 

.... I guess it's no longer a "closet," though!

DIY Maven on Mar 14, 2011:

True, EJ. It's a great place to embrace your wild side. ;)

elseajane on Mar 14, 2011:

Good morning MAve, I like the make overs my favorite would have to be the pink one, if you can't do a room in pink, do the closet. Nice stuff. EJ

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