Cat Tree Houses

By: Diy maven Aug 10, 2009


Mature (large) Cat Tree House

Cats love high places, that's why they love to climb trees. And sometimes get stuck in them. These gorgeous kitty tree houses from PetTreeHouses provide all the fun and none of the risk to those felines who jones for altitude. Each treehouse is custom made and, from what I can tell, they're constructed around REAL trees (even though they look faux). As you can image, they aren't cheap. The big one pictured above clocks in at $875 and the smaller one below is $475.  You can see all of PetTreeHouse's items here.

Sapling (small) Cat Tree House

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Cat--yeah, those leaves looked a little too 'perfect' to me. It WOULD be insanely cool to build a house around an indoor tree. If I could keep a ficus alive, I just might give it a go! 

Very Very Cool!  Don'tcha just love ETSY?  These are whompen pricey..and I think that ironic since their site tells us the reason they came about was because the "pet store" ones were too expensive...LOL 

Oh and I looked it up: They are made with real tree branches but they are not live trees: and thus they do not need to be watered or otherwise tended.   On the other hand.... Whoa insanely cool would it be to actually do that!

Take a live potted tree (that the cat climbs anyway....darn it) and bulid a happy little home around it.  I bet out Maven could do it!!

i take it back, those are real trees. These items are not for the faint of heart, then.

I'd honestly prefer a fake tree... I have enough maintenance in my life already without having to water my cat's toys, too. :)

Those look totally awesome, and though the trees may have been custom grown into those shapes, it doesn't look like there's a big enough space to contain the roots you'd need for a tree that size - even larger bonsai need larger pots. I could be wrong though, photos do lie.

Regardless, I'd be proud to own one of these things for my cat. She'd go nuts for it.

those tree houses are great - a bit pricy though!!

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