Roundup: 5 Ways to Decorate with Washi Tape!

By: Capreek Mar 30, 2012

created at: 03/30/2012

Ahh, washi tape.  The craft-o-sphere's wunderkind!  This seemingly all-purpose material can be found gracing the surfaces of everything from Easter eggs to vases and now... walls!  Check out a few of our favorite unexpected decorative uses for this craft supply miracle!   


created at: 03/30/2012

1. This apartment in France uses washi tape in every bedroom, adding a nice pop of color and whimsy!  See more here. [Photo: Julien Fernandez]

2. Created as a backdrop for a neon-themed wedding, this door's architectural detailing gets some serious "oomph".  A fun idea to bring into your own home!  See more here. [Photo: Jenny Ebert]

3. A DIY washi tape cork board: fabulous and functional!  See more here. [Photo: Jenn Kirk]

4. Cover plain tables or desks with rows of colorful tape to bring a little cheer into your decor!  See more here. [Photo: Adeline from Lady Croissant]

5. And finally, what could possibly be better than polka dots made from washi tape?  I mean really.  Too cute for words, quite frankly.  See more here. [Photo: Claire Dalgliesh]

See?  The uses for washi tape are virtually limitless, folks!  What are some of your favorite washi tape projects or crafts?

[The "digital" washi tape used in this post is part of a free download from Pugly Pixel!  Go get it!]

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Thank you so much for featuring me!

love this round up!  & love washi tape!  thx!

Do it, Ian, do it! :D

Washi tape desk, you will be mine!  Thanks for the great ideas!

OhMercy - I was thinking the same thing!  Definitely great for renters!

LOVE these ideas- great for apartment dwellers that have to leave the walls white as it can be removed. I'd love to do my desk like the table #4- I think the cost would be prohibitive- but it coyuld be dne with paint and then add washi tape accents- another project for my never ending (and rarely completed list. Thanks for posting.

Amazing. I hadn´t heard about this tape before... now I want it!!

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