DIY Idea: Hip Masking Tape Décor

DIY Idea: Hip Masking Tape Décor

Looking for a cheap and easy way to breathe new life into your décor?  Check out this clever DIY project!  

Jessica Jones is at it again (remember those MCM clock magnets and those Pantone chip magnets?  Yep, the same brilliant mind is behind this DIY).  This time, she’s offered a creative solution to spice up decorative objects like vases or pitchers that requires one simple (and inexpensive) material: masking tape.

All you need is a roll or two of tape in your favorite color or pattern (the same kind you may have used for that no-carve pumpkin project, perhaps?), an Xacto knife, and a steady hand.  Once you have everything you need, check out How About Orange for tips and pattern ideas!

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hena tayeb on May 13, 2011:

very cute.

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