Cleaning that funky, cloudy glassware

By: Badbadivy Feb 13, 2007

Anybody that has hard water can attest that cloudy glassware can be a major pain. I've always used the standard advice to soak them in warm vinegar, and it works, but not for very long and it always comes back worse. Check out my funky glass:


 Now, who would want to drink out of that?


Yep, that's pretty heinous. I was thinking of getting rid of those glasses and just buying some new when my mother gave me a great tip. Use white toothpaste to scrub the glasses. It will remove the deposits and apparently, help aid in keeping them from coming back. So I tested this theory out.


First, get some cheap dollar store white toothpaste. The cheaper, the better. Then scrub the toothpaste all over the glass like so:


 Use an old toothbrush, unless you don't mind brushing your teeth with a completely funky toothbrush.


 Rinse thoroughly and voila! Your drinking glasses are like new again:

 Much, much better, yo!


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Soft scrub or even polishing compound works even better...

3 words, "Bar Keepers Friend"! I had cloudy glasses that just came out of our dishwasher when our water softener broke down. I searched around and found the toothpaste idea here. Didn't work very well for me. Then I remembered how well "Bar Keepers Friend" works on Stainless Steel. I tried it and it worked! I even tried it on an old 'Ball" glass we have had that was cloudy! The trick I found is to be very gentle and keep your sponge wet!

Didn't work at all. Tried three times same glass. ??????
Thank you SO much! I have tried vinegar, rinse aids, etc. to no avail - this worked like a charm. So happy to have my glasses back!
Didn't work for me. I used a sample tube from the dentist, something Colgate Enamel, so maybe the toothpaste is too formulated? Sigh. After the warm water + vinegar effort didn't last, I was hoping for something this simple.

I thought my glasses were junk...this worked so well I went through the cupboards and shined up a bunch of old glassware...THANK YOU !!!!!!!!

I cant believe how easy it was.. I have used white toothpaste to clean brass before and it works great but never thought to try it on this...

thanks again :)


Worked like a charm on a crystal vase that I thought I'd have to throw away. Thanks! :)


I LIKE this idea! I also learned today that toothpaste is great for cleaning the old stains off your glass baking dishes!


You can also use toothpaste and a q-tip to clean scratches off the glass face of your watch. = ) 

amazing have used vinager, lemon juice and this is so fast and easy!!

worked like a charm on a very old vase! thanks so much!

Didn't work.  Tried it.  Didn't work.

An even easier way to get rid of hard water spots on just about anything is to just soak them in a solution of Vineger and Water mixture.  Will clear those spots off really great. Saves on any scrubbing!

The best way I have ever seen is a dishwasher filter system from . It is cheap and works like a miracle!! It was around $50 bucks I think. I had a discount code  DF5150 that gave an additional % off. Again, this is the cat's meow for getting sparkling clean dishes out of the dishwasher.







another of life's great mysteries solved by diy. i thank you and my glasses thank you.

I hadn't thought of using toothpaste for this!

I live in a hard-water area and have exactly the same type of glassware, which seem to be kinda porous and prone to water spotting, so I was soaking them in white vinegar about once a month.

I try prevention when possible, so I experimented with different washing products and found that of all the dishwashing formulas out there, Ecover Automatic Dishwashing Powder (available at organic food markets) is #1 against hard water deposits.  And its non-chlorine formula is eco-friendly and won't ionize metals, which can redeposit on glassware as a permanent iridescent film.  I use it in combination with Cascade rinse aid and haven't had to soak a glass in over six months.

Howdy BadbadIvy! Love the glassware cleaning tip -- I too am a fan of toothpaste for tough cleaning jobs.


BTW -- way cool to have a blogging tool that WORKS.

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