Before and After: A Tiny Pantry Makeover

Jennifer Farley

Tiny Pantry Makeover

I have an 18 inch wide pantry and this is how it has looked lately. We moved into our house with big dreams of a future kitchen renovation but until then, we must function out of very little storage. This pantry will some day be gone so I have no desire to spend tons of time and money modifying it to awesomeness. I honestly don't think it could get there anyway. My goal was to go to the store, grab some storage solutions and bring myself home the things that will make my pantry more usable.      

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The Story of a Pretty Blue Sofa and the La-Z-Boy Design Dash

Alicia Lacy
LaZBoy Design Dash Sofa

Preamble: What you are about to read is a very long post about a very fun design challenge we recently participated in. So, grab your favorite fall beverage, ease into your favorite chair, and read on...

A few weeks ago Bruno and I flew to Greensboro, NC to partake in a WWE-style design throw down hosted by La-Z-Boy. By WWE-style throw-down, I actually mean to say that we had one of the most exciting 72 hours ever with some truly...

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Extreme Makeover: IKEA Tarva Dresser Turned Bar Cabinet

Diy Maven
Photo: Addicted 2 DIY

The lovely thing about IKEA's Tarva dressers--besides their low sticker price--is their blank-canvas quality. They can easily be painted and stained to make them one of a kind creations. Katie, from Addicted 2 DIY can attest to this, as she not only (eventually) painted and stained her Tarva 3-drawer dresser, she took its makeover to the extreme by breaking out the power tools and turning it into a bar cabinet, complete

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Roundup: 10 Bedrooms that Actually Incorporate Sports Memorabilia and Decor with Style

Jennifer Farley
Source: Apartment Therapy; Homes by Novogratz; Photo: Matthew Williams

We are a family who loves sports so it doesn't surprise me when my son wants to add in his "fan gear" to his bedroom. I want my kiddo to have things in his room that inspires him, and being a "fan" of something is also something I want my kiddo to experience. Here are ten bedrooms that incorporate sports decor yet the basic elements are timeless and grounded in style.   

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How to: Easy DIY PANTONE Trash Can

Faith Towers

How-To: Easy DIY PANTONE Trash Can

As a designer and blogger, I have a bit of an obsession with color. So naturally, I love PANTONE swatches. One day I looked over at my sad little white trash can and I realized that it would be the perfect blank slate to use for a project. Thus, my PANTONE trash can was born. Read on to check out the final product.   

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