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How to Make a Wood Plant Stand in 30 Minutes or Less

by on Apr 24, 2018

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We are always on the hunt for new and interesting ways to display all our leafy friends over at the Curbly office. With spring finally showing up this past weekend (Midwesterners rejoice!), all our office plants are looking more alive than they have in almost 8 months. We think they deserve a new look. Want to take your houseplants to the another level (no pun intended) too, but you’re short on time? This DIY plant stand can be completed in roughly thirty minutes.         

 Watch a quick video to see how it’s done, and keep reading for all the details.


Materials needed for 30-minute-or-less plant stand


first - drill holes for the plant stand legs

To start, drill three holes in the wood round. Before you start drilling, you’ll need to divide the wood round into thirds. Check out this graph from our tree stump side table project for help on the math. If thirds seems too daunting, create a plant stand with four legs.

Once you’ve divided the wood into thirds, measure 1.25″ in from the edges of the round, and mark the drill points. Clamp the wood round to a sturdy surface. Using a 5/8ths forstner bit, create three holes in the wood round.

This Dewalt 20-volt MAX drill made quick work of these holes! And that was after we had run the battery on another project for almost 10 minutes of drill time.


cut the dowel to make the legs

Next, clamp the 3/4″ dowel to a sturdy surface, and cut into thirds (unless you’re creating a plant stand with four legs, then cut into fourths). Sand any rough edges. 


attach felt pads to bottom of legs

Attach felt pads to the bottom of each dowel.


use a mallet to add the legs

Feed each dowel through drilled holes of the wood round. If they stick on the way down, use a soft mallet to hammer the wood slab down. 


add a screw to keep the table top from sliding

Use a level to ensure each leg is sitting at an equal place in the wood round. To keep the dowels from slipping out of the wood round, drill a small screw under each leg. These screws will act as a stop.


paint the legs with acrylic paint

Tape the wood round to protect it, then paint! While it may seem like painting the legs first would’ve been easier, we didn’t want to scratch the paint feeding it through the wood round. 

Let the paint dry completely, then your 30-minute plant stand is ready to use!

This is the finished plant stand
Got 30 minutes? You could make this plant stand!
How to make a quick plant stand in under 30 minutes!

I’m so happy spring is back. With the warmer weather moving in, it’s time all the office plants get their yearly shakeup. Overgrown ones will get moved to bigger pots, dead leaves will get snipped, and everyone will get a new round of dirt and fertilizer.  Happy spring!

Two more simple IKEA-hack indoor plant stands you can try

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