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How to Write a Meaningful Father’s Day Card

by on Jun 16, 2020


If you find conquering the blank space at the bottom of a Father’s Day card daunting, you are not alone.  It can be difficult to express yourself even if you have an ideal relationship with your father or father figure, let alone one that is more complicated.  When you want to write something heartfelt but don’t know where to start, consider using one of these prompts:         

1. One of my favorite (or earliest, or funniest, or most impactful) memories of you is _____.

You know how much you treasure the good memories of your dad but he may not!  Share one with him.  He is sure to appreciate it.

2. Thank you for sacrificing _____ so that I could have _____.

At some point, your dad traded sleep, vacation, money, peace of mind, or all-of-the-above to be able to give you something.  He did not do it for the recognition but it sure will make him feel good to know that you are grateful.

3. I didn’t appreciate this when I was younger, but looking back now, I want to thank you for _____.

A great way to deepen your adult relationship with your father is to give some thought to how he supported you when you were a child.

4. If I could take you on a trip anywhere, I would bring you to _____ so that we could _____.

Showing someone that you know them is a powerful way to communicate that you care.  Would you take him to a treasured place from your past?  Perhaps a destination he has always dreamed of visiting?

5. I admire these qualities about you: _____, _____, _____.

Don’t let over-thinking paralyze you here.  Just think of your dad and write down the positive attributes that come to mind.

6. I am glad that you taught me how to _____.

Maybe he showed you how to throw a curve ball, sing harmony, or make legendary tomato sauce.  Did he model perseverance?  Teach you about finding the best in people?  You can be specific or broad in your answer.

7. Your support of me in _____ led me to succeed in _____.

Which of your accomplishments make you most proud?  Chances are your father’s influence helped you in some way along the trajectory to that success.  Show him that you noticed.

How to write a meaningful Father's Day Card
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