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DIY Vinyl Record Coasters From Old LPs

by on Mar 2, 2007

Here’s how to make vinyl record coasters from all those old LPs you have lying around (assuming, of course, that they’re not worth listening to anymore) … 

These are by no means an original idea. I saw them on all sorts of websites when shopping for unique Christmas gifts. However, $20-45 for six or eight coasters seems like a bit much. For the same investment [for the hole saw], you can make these guys by the thousands, and by picking out your own LPs, you can select from the choicest of colors and label designs.

And while you’re feeling LP-tastic, check this out!


  • 12” vinyl albums (raid the 25¢ bin!)
  • Electric drill or drill press
  • Bi-Metal Hole Saw (I already had a 4 1/4” saw, but if you’re buying new, go for a 4 1/2”)
  • Scrap wood: a large flat piece (I used an old fiberboard shelf) and two thinner strips (1×2”)
  • C-clamps, or short bar clamps
  • 150-220 grit sandpaper
  • Spray Polyurethane or Acrylic finish
  • Stable work surface
  • Safety glasses, work gloves, and dust mask (this stuff HAS to be bad for you)

How to Make Vinyl Record Coasters 

start with an old record

1. Select your albums. Listen first, if you please, to make sure they’re worth destroying

cut the record
2. If using a smaller drill press, cut the top third of the album.
3. FIRMLY secure the larger piece of scrap wood to a stable work surface, or the drill press table.
4. Place record on scrap wood, and firmly secure the album with the 1×2”s, clamping them as close as possible to the label.
A contraction is held up with wood and tools.
5. Using the spindle hole as a guide, insert the starter bit of the hole saw, and using a SLOW RPM (set your drill press low, or pull slightly on your trigger), drill out the label of the LP. If the album jumps around, or you can see the teeth marks, secure the record more firmly to the work surface, and try to clamp closer to the label.
6. Peel away extra vinyl, and sand the edges to smoothness, staying clear of the paper label.
sand the edges
7. Apply a coat of clear spray finish to both sides of the LP, letting dry between coats.
apply a clear coat finish
8. Apply a delicious, natural beverage, and enjoy.
An array of colorful laser discs ataggered on top of each other.

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  1. Just a helpful hint, run the drill in reverse it will melt into the vinyl instead of cutting into it & wont snag on the bit’s teeth, works like a charm.