19 Totally Unexpected Ways To Paint Furniture

by on Apr 20, 2017

19 Unexpected Ways to Paint Furniture

We all love a good furniture makeover, and these don’t disappoint! Get prepared to swoon over these 19 furniture pieces that have been painted in totally unexpected ways. Each piece is inspiring because they’re extremely unique. If are you’re looking for ways to make over your latest thrifted find, these painted beauties will inspire you!

1.  Color Blocked Painted Furniture

If a furniture piece has the right structure, color blocking in a muted shade is a simple and stunning method of painting. Mix that with the stained wood grain, and you’ve got a stunner!

2. Two-Tone Dresser 

There are many two-tone dressers out there with different colored drawers or tops. Simply painting the entire top of the dresser a different color (including the top drawer) can take a piece to a whole new level.

3. Painted Dipped Chair 

This chair looks like someone held the top of an oak chair and dipped it into a huge vat of paint. I love it!

4.  Dipped Wicker Headboard

Paint dipping a wicker headboard puts a really modern spin on a very boho piece.

5. Painted Bold Stripes

Who doesn’t love a good stripe? This boring dresser is now a statement piece.

19 Unexpected Ways to Paint Furniture
At Home in Love Via Pinterest

6.  Painting Furniture to Match a Wall

Your furniture can still stand out as unique… even when it blends into the room.

7. Paint a Faux Stone Look 

See how Jenny from Little Green Notebook made her Faux Malachite desk top

8. Create a Bold Geometric Pattern

The skies the limit here… as long as you have some good painter’s tape.

9. Marble Furniture with Paint

Check out the tutorial on how to marble a table top here.

10. Stencil Your Furniture

Kristine from The Painted Hive used a Royal Design Studio stencil to make this stunner. Check out the details here.

11. Paint a Modern Graphic on your Headboard

This simple design is done with stain, paint, and painter’s tape.

12. Paint the Bottom of Chairs a Bold Color.

I love how these uniform white chairs look with different colored legs (the opposite would look great too)!

13. Striped Metal Desk Chair

This looks amazing, but may be tricky to execute. Check out how to achieve clean lines here.

14. Painted Pop of Surprise

This neutral piece has a little surprise when you open it. This could also be done with dresser drawers or the insides of cabinets.

15. Ombre Painted Dresser

This is a little different take on the super popular ombre dressers (like this one). I love how organic and custom this piece looks. I also love how the ombre unexpectedly goes from one side to another.

19 Unexpected Ways to Paint Furniture

16. Patterned Buffalo Check Table

Who says patterns are just for upholstery? The right pattern can be the perfect fit for a piece of furniture in need of love. Check out this buffalo check table project here on Curbly.

17. Artistically Painted Upholstered Chair

This thrifted chair got a makeover worthy of a masterpiece. This project was done with sandpaper, fabric softener, and acrylic paints.

18. Painted Upholstery

This painted upholstery project seems really doable and it completely makes a “seen it a hundred times” piece look so special. Check out how Elsie from ABM painted this bench here.

19 Unexpected Ways to Paint Furniture
Jesse Dresbach of Nine Red via Design Sponge

19. Ombre Dining Chair

Ombre just became seriously custom and expensive looking with this DIY project.

19 Totally Unexpected Ways to Transform Furniture with Paint
Pin It and Share It: Uniquely Painted Furniture
Ikea’s Tarva can be a pretty painted nightstand but it also can be very functional with a technology hack. Check out this functional furniture makeover here on Curbly.

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