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Where to Find Scandinavian Style Staples Even If You’re Not in the Nordic Countries

by on Oct 26, 2018

Perusing online tours of beautiful Scandinavian homes can be an addictive, and envy-inducing, pastime. Though you may not be able to import their high ceilings, period features, or masonry heaters (those cylindrical white corner fireplaces that I endlessly covet), you can certainly create your own replica of the Scandinavian look with the right furnishings. Figuring out where to find certain pieces can be tricky, so I’ll round up some popular Scandinavian-style pieces, and tell you where you can buy them in the US.     

Scandinavian style candleholder
Kubus 4 candleholder available from Finnish Design Shop

After I spotted this candleholder in multiple Scandinavian interiors online and in a magazine, I translated the word for candleholder into Danish to try to figure out what it’s called. I had a lot more luck googling “Danish cube candleholder,” which revealed that it’s called a Kubus 4 candleholder. Whatever you call it, it looks quite chic and modern on a tabletop or shelf. 

Wishbone chairs are a Scandinavian style staple
Wishbone chair available at DWR

Simple and elegant, the Danish Wishbone Chair is a classic for a reason.

Black Pholc mobile pendant light
Pholc mobile ceiling lamp available from Scandinavian Design Center

Gorgeous pendant lighting helps draw the eye up to those high ceilings. Though black-colored light fixtures appear frequently in general, I keep seeing this striking Pholc mobile ceiling lamp in stylish Scandinavian interiors. 

Eames hang-it-all
Eames Hang-It-All is available from DWR

The modern, sculptural quality of the Eames Hang-It-All rack, especially in monochromatic tones, has made it a popular storage choice in Scandinavian homes.

The iconic Ögon Cacao one eye poster was designed by the well-known Swedish illustrator Olle Eksell
Ögon Cacao one-eye poster available from Scandinavian Design Center

When you play “eye spy” with this iconic poster, you’ll start noticing that it’s a popular addition to stylish gallery walls. It’s not too difficult to get your hands on an authorized version of Swedish illustrator Olle Eskell’s Ögon Cacao one-eye poster. Art exhibit posters from the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art also make frequent appearances, but you’ll have to track down vintage versions (or go to Louisiana yourself to buy a current one.)

Rumpled linen bedding is a Scandinavian style staple
Linen duvet set available from MagicLinen

Quiet texture is a key component of Scandinavian style, and one example is bedding. Rumpled linens in soothing tones are often featured in bedrooms and on throw pillows. There are a variety of linen sellers on Etsy who sell this style of bedding. This particular one is from MagicLinen.

Long white curtains are a staple of Scandinavian style
White curtains available from Ikea

The large windows and high ceilings in Scandinavian flats require long floor-to-ceiling curtains, preferably in white. These affordable curtains from Ikea come up to 118″-long, which is quite generous for off-the-shelf curtains in the US. They’re my go-to curtains even for my non-Scandinavian home. 

String shelves are a staple of Scandinavian style
String pocket shelving is available from A+R

Once you start looking for them, you’ll notice that string shelves appear over and over again in Scandinavian homes. In singles or multiples, these versatile shelves lend themselves well to airy styling and storage, and they come in many different colors.

Classic Thonet Chair
Thonet chair available from DWR

Thonet chairs are popular around the world, and generally not too difficult to find secondhand. Called the “Era Chair,” they’re still available new if you can’t find a vintage set. 

Scandinavian style clamp lamp
Lamp Gras Model 201 Clamp Lamp available from DWR

Another black metal light fixture, this elegant clamp lamp could be used in many different rooms. To be fair, there are many cheaper clamp lamps out there, and with a coat of glossy black spray paint, you could get a similar look on a budget. 


Scandinavian style pieces, and where to find them



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