IKEA Hack! Add Gemstones to Glass Storage Canisters

IKEA Hack! Add Gemstones to Glass Storage Canisters

My small bathroom leaves much to be desired, but we make the most of the space we have. When we moved in, we added two small glass shelves to hold perfumes, candles and bathroom essential stored in frosted glass canisters from IKEA. While its functional, the canisters just seemed a little boring for my taste, so I added gemstones to the storage canisters using agate slices. 



This was a simple way to upgrade simple glass canisters and bring a little more personality to a traditionally boring rental bathroom. I love the look of agate and used painted beads to give them height on the canister tops, so it's easy to use them as a handle. 


  • IKEA glass canisters, flat topped 
  • Wooden beads, painted gold
  • Small agate slices, about 2 inches long
  • Hot glue gun


Clean the tops of the canisters to ensure the glue will stick well to the surface.


If desired, paint the beads gold or another color. Use the glue gun to attach the bead (hole facing down) in the middle of the top of the canister. 


Then glue the agate slice to the top of the bead. Both holes in the bead should be covered now. 

The canisters are ready to be filled with bathroom supplies like cotton swabs and displayed on a shelf. Now your bathroom storage is a lot prettier!


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